The following table shows just a few of the industrial applications where Silver Seal™ protection can be used:



Daily necessities

Chopping board, Disposable gloves, Bowl, Kitchenware, Kitchen knife handle, Duster, Washbowl, Toothbrush, Wrapping film, Canteen, Emergency water tank, Hairbrush, Toilet seat, Cleaner etc.

Electric application

Refrigerator, Dish washer, Dish dryer, Mobile phone, Water cleaner, Iron, Gas table, Remote controller etc.

Automobile parts

Steering wheel, Shift knob, Switches, Assist grip, Parking brake lever etc.


Socks, Pantyhose, Tights, Insole, Bathing suit, Toilet cobber, Towel, Carpet, Pillow, Sheets etc.

Building materials

Wall paper, flooring materials (P tile, Floorings), Mat, Artificial marble (For kitchen counter, Washstand and Bathtub) etc.


Measuring instrument, Hospital floor, Curtain, Stationery, White dress, Gauze mask etc.

Food relatated

Conveyor belt, Floor tray etc.


Contact lens utility (Lens keeper, Lens holder), Cosmetics, Credit card etc,