About Us

Seal Shield, LLC is a manufacturer of infection control products and antimicrobial solutions.  Our Silver Seal service helps our partners to identify the best and most cost effective antimicrobial solutions which meet all international compliance requirements. 

Silver Seal™ Protection is among the safest and most effective antimicrobial solutions in the industry. Our antimicrobial additives are EPA-registered, FDA listed, REACH compliant solutions that utilizes the properties of pure silver to protect products from mold, mildew, fungi and the spread of microbial bacteria and viruses on product surfaces.  Seal Shield™ includes Silver Seal™ Protection in a number of its products to meet the demands of infection prevention specialists. Additionally, Silver Seal™ Protection is currently used in hundreds of products made by numerous manufacturers worldwide.

We can help your organization implement Silver Seal™ Protection in to plastic, silicone, paint, powder coats, textiles and numerous varied polymers. Our antimicrobial experts will consult with your product development team to determine the right solution for your product. We can provide on-site factory application sampling and in-house efficacy lab testing.  Based on the testing, we determine the ideal additive and optimum concentration necessary to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization’s applications.  We will perform on-site factory supervision and assist with implementation, handling, storage and MSDS training. Our in-house legal team will then provide suggested verbiage and review all marketing material and packaging claims to ensure compliance with EPA and FDA requirements.

Silver Seal™ makes antimicrobial implementation easy and cost-effective. Why not contact us about adding antimicrobial benefits to your product offerings?